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Can I fly with my pet?

Our operator, Avionco Ltd., welcomes well-behaved dogs and cats, as long as they fit in a carrier, in the cabin.

As fellow pet-lovers, we want our four-legged guests to feel as welcome as our two-legged travellers. Below are some guidelines to ensure everyone’s experience is safe and enjoyable. If you intend to travel with a pet, please follow these guidelines, and reach out to our concierge by emailing help@aero.com or calling +44 7401 292376 at least 1 week in advance. For pets traveling under your seat, there is a fee of €350 per pet. You will receive an invoice separate from your seat booking, and the fee is due at least 24 hours before your departure date. 


All pets must remain in their carrier for the duration of the flight.  This is for the safety of your pet, and for the safety of other guests.


Please note that while we would love to see your pets make new friends, we only allow 2 pets per flight for the safety and comfort of our guests. Exceptions can be made for pets residing in the same household.


Pets under the Seat

We don’t love pets traveling under the seat. It’s a bit cramped down there (50x30x22cm), and the view leaves something to be desired. This is only appropriate for very small dogs and well-travelled cats that fit comfortably in the space in a carrier. Our €350 pet fee will apply to these pets for each leg they fly.  


Pets with their own Seat

We recommend booking a seat for your pet so they can more fully enjoy their flight experience. Medium- and medium-large-size pets must have their own seat and travel in an IATA-approved carrier that will sit on the floor in front of the seat. The pet must generally be under 12kg and the carrier must be smaller than 43x48cm. You can purchase a seat via our regular website booking system. Please contact help@aero.com with the booking reference to confirm that one or more of your booked seats is designated for your pet. For pets traveling to London (Farnborough), the additional €350 pet fee will apply in addition to the price of the seat.


Pets in the Hold

Avionco is unable to carry pets in our cargo hold at this time. The good news is, if they fit the above requisites, they’ll be safe and sound with you! 


Service Animals

Registered service animals are the only pets that can travel without a carrier. If this applies to your pet, please contact us in advance so we can arrange preferred seating and other helpful logistics. Proof of registration is required at check-in.


Some General Guidelines

Please note that pet parents are fully responsible for their pets’ needs and behaviour. Avionco will provide light snacks and water, but please make sure you have everything you need before you board.

Pet parents are also responsible for providing proof at check-in of vaccinations, certifications, and other documentation required by departure and destination countries. Avionco assumes no liability for pet travellers, and in the event of any losses, you are fully responsible, including any reimbursements.

Thank you for reading this far!  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to our Concierge by sending an email to help@aero.com.