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Required Pet Documentation

The information you will need to provide for your pet to fly

To complete a booking for a pet, we require scans/pictures of your pet's passport showing the following pages:

  • Name, breed & date of birth
  • Microchip details
  • Current valid rabies vaccination.

In addition, we will need:

  • the weight of your pet
  • confirmation that your pet's carrier meets applicable guidelines specified here (whether you are booking your pet under the seat or booking a seat for your pet)

If you are travelling to Farnborough with a pet dog, then we also require proof of anti-Echinococcus tapeworm treatment done more than 24 hours and less than 5 days prior to returning to the UK, administered and certified by a Vet, in the Pet Passport. (The product used must be effective against E. multilocularis. Praziquantel is the usual ingredient.)